Monday, March 13, 2006

This week we traded the bottle for the paci. Many people think I'm crazy giving him a paci after he's never taken one so far. Well, Dr. Lewis told me to get him off the bottle so I picked a day and decided no more bottle. He cried for a very long time starting at naptime - @10am - until I decided I had had enough and went for a car ride in hopes for a nap - @noon. I called my sister and was talking about our no-bottle day and she said - "yeah, Madison didn't take a paci til I took the bottle. We made the big mistake of giving her one then." Hmm. A paci. It didn't sound like a mistake to me! {at least not today!} I just so happen to have one in the console of the jeep - I guess it was supposed to be a give-away that never was. So when we got home I gave it a good scrub and a new love affair was born. He popped that thing right in, I layed him down in his crib with his lovey and music, left the room, and never heard a peep. If I had known that would have happened I would have give him one LONG ago! Our normal nap/bedtime consisted of rocking with a bottle and usually patting for a while after it ran out, meanwhile wondering what Andrew had decided to get into today or wondering if that was the sound of the door opening {and on one occasion it actually was!}. So, the paci, or bink as I like to call it, is offically our friend. You have to admit, he looks adorable with it! It also made the bottle transition a little less sad for me. That milestone forced me to say he's not a baby anymore! The paci lets me see that he still is - even if it's just a little. Thanks bink!


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