Friday, December 28, 2007

246. That is the number of pictures I am uploading from my camera at this moment. I knew I had a ton of pictures to deal with so when we went to Matt's family's I didn't even take any. GASP! I know! Not a single one. Sometimes I wish someone else would be photographer. Keith did for Christmas for me. That was nice.
I was really into Christmas this year. I'm bad to start too early and be tired of anticipating it by the time it gets here, or be stressed out making last minute gifts or something. This year was nice. I was steadily excited, I paced myself with my gifts so everything was done in plenty of time. I created several Christmasie things for me and the house - my advent calendar that I've wanted to do for years, my set of 3 Christmasie wall hangings, my set of 3 dishes decorated with ribbon, thread spools and glittered chipboard letters, and my "daily card" til Christmas thing. I hope all future Christmases will be as pleasant. - Except for the spending too much. ;-)
And so speaking of Christmas, we had a great one. Not everything went as planned but that was ok. I had picture gift tags this year. Yeah, I was on top of things and in the mood this year! The plan was that Andrew would help Madison give out all of the presents THEN he would sit with each family member and they would give them the gifts they had for him. No. He would take a present to someone and proceed to open it. So Madison and I took over the passing out of presents. Mom helped Andrew open and said that he did really good this year taking his time with each gift and not just ripping open one right after the other. Matthew was taken with one of Jaxon's gifts - the Thomas the Tank couch. It was way cool - and WAY expensive. But he got in it and we couldn't get him out - so I just handed him presents while he was sitting there. When he finially got up Jason sneaked it out. Matthew's birthday is right around the corner.
So, the whole opening thing was crazy anyway this year. I was hoping to be the one taking pictures and it being all calm but that stuff is for when the kids are grown. I'll just be thankful I actually HAVE any pictures at all this year because I think there were none taking during the festivities last year.
Got a really cool gift from Dad & Lynn this year. She printed pictures off this disc I gave them last year onto this photo fabric stuff and stitched them onto a blanket. It was truely great! We had a good time over there too. Got to see Brent and his fiance. They are both so adorable - Brook too. Then Christmas day was low-key and relaxing. Went to dinner at Mamaw's, played with toys, watched movies, set up my new scrap stuff. Very nice.
Then Wednesday we took off for Matt's Mom's house. We spent the night! It was our first family overnight trip since Andrew was TINY. They did good until we turned the TV off for bed. Andrew was ready to go home. He was fine though. The next day we visited Papa John. I'm very taken with him. Probably since I was so close to my great-grandfather. Papa John is getting old though. He said he's not walking well anymore and he doesn't hear well. His mind is still pretty good but Matt said he could tell he forgets words - has to think of what he's trying to say sometimes. We did get on a topic he was interested in - stocks. He took me to his computer and showed me some things then sent me an email with more information - then two more the next day! I really wanted to learn about it and it was just nice that he could teach me a thing or two. Now if I will just MAKE myself sit down and read and research NOW so that he will be around and able to answer my questions.
So anyway, nice visit with him, then lunch with Danny & family & Papa Bill & Kaye. Then we went back to Bill's and stayed for a while & let the kids open presents from them. Andrew really enjoyed the Batman stuff - and I was worried since he's been Spiderman-everything here lately. Matthew played with his Gorilla Mtn set for quite a while too.
Today Matt took me to the mall - with kids in tow- but it was very nice. He doesn't often want to do that - understandably. I finially gave in and told him he could get his "old man hat". It does look nice with his coat but it's still old-man-ish. It reminds me of hats Papaw Kilgore used to wear. I got a puzzle that I had wanted at Target on sale - hot air balloons. It was a triangular puzzle which means the pieces are triangled and the outside shape is also. - which means you can't simply pick out the edge pieces like you can a regular puzzle. It should be interesting. We also got one of those puzzle roll-up things too. A must with small children.
Tonight I am back in my routine. Doing bills, grocery store, bath & bed for the kids. Routine is nice after a week off. Matt being home throws my routine off. Which can be both good and bad. Ok, so my 246 pictures are now on my computer. Pray it doesn't crash til income tax when I can get the last few months printed off!
Random verse - this is from my reading today. What's done is done - this is just what popped into my head.
2 Samuel 12:22-23 "While the child was alive," he said, "I fasted and wept, thinking God might have mercy on me and the child would live. But now that he's dead, why fast? Can I bring him back now? I can go to him, but he can't come to me."