Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I can not believe it's been 3 weeks since I've posted! Lazy me! I've been addicted to that new Scrap in Style site - SO COOL! I feel like I'm with the "in" crowd - which in the whole scheme of things is NOT important but some days it's a nice feeling. Everyone is very nice and chatty and it's a nice little BIG thing they've got going on.
I also got to order their first collection by guest designer Kelli Crowe. She's my favorite. I would love to go hang out with her and watch Star Trek & scrap. That's how she scraps - watching Star Trek. I MUST have a silly-faced picture with her one day - MUST. I'll have to take a class or find her at one of the scrap conventions or whatever - but one day I WILL get my pict! Oooh - maybe we can plan our beach vacation next year around some kind of scrap thing! Happy thought!
Today is hot. I'm inside doing laundry where it's cool. Maybe we'll do the kiddie pool thing later or go to the park if I get desperate to leave the house. My sister and I are going to take a mini Mommy break this weekend. We're going to take off one day without any kids and shop (without spending any money - boo! :-p) and eat lunch somewhere yummy and just escape! And yes, it will involve a scrapbook store or two. ;-)
Not much else to report.
Random: Exodus 13: 3 Moses said to the people, "Always remember this day. ...