Wednesday, March 01, 2006

This is what I like to call "cake face". He wasn't too sure about the cake at first. {We gave him the red cupcake off the cake.} But once he got started it was great! He squished it in his fingers, rubbed it in his hair, there was even some in his ear, and he got a couple big clumps of icing in his mouth. MMM!
He had a good party. He could have cared less about opening presents though. He enjoyed them later. Thanks to all our friends and family that helped us celebrate Matthew!
At 1 year old, Matthew can just about run. He is trying to talk and attempts to say several things - Mama, Dada, boo, hot, light, ba for bath, hi, bye, and at least one more I'm forgetting. Sometimes he tries to copy what you say and I think he'll be talking before we know it. He has 6 teeth. He LOVES to be outside, he loves taking baths and being naked or "kaked" as Andrew likes to call it. He's very friendly and happy all the time. He's still sweet and cuddly and I hope he stays that way. He's a very special, sweet, and loved little boy.

He went straight to the tub after this!

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