Friday, June 15, 2007

The Pool. We went yesterday. Warrior's pool. Spur of the moment type thing. I haven't been in a pool since Andrew was a baby - so that's like 3 years. I was happy with my cute new Target swimsuit. Andrew had LOADS of fun. There was a little slide in the deep end. He slid & Matt caught. He even went under for a split second but was ok with it. It's a good thing and a bad thing that he doesn't have ANY fear of water. Matthew on the other hand, screamed for the first 1/2 hour at least. He fell asleep on the way there and woke up when we tried to lay him down. I was determined that one of us was NOT going to chase him around in the grass the whole time. So I took him in, held him tight, he had a death grip on me, and just bounced back and forth and hummed to him. He finially quit fussing, then let his legs float - instead of being wrapped around me - and eventually decided this was fun after all. It was a good day. No pictures though. It's hard to fool with a camera and a kid and water all at the same time. Plus there's the thought in the back of your mind that someone will steal the camera when you turn your back. I hate that I think about that or at least I hate that I feel like I have to think about that.

Anyway, a few new layouts. Jenny and I went scrapbook shopping and I got that green KI color theory paper. Yeah, I dreamed about that paper. So the next morning I got up and made a page with it. Mandy and I ran away last Saturday. We are SO doing that again soon! We went to Mom's and she was out of town so it was just us, a few movies, yummy lunch, and lots of scrapping. I got 3 pages done! I think I'm going to try and start planning out a few pages at a time so I'm ready when I sit down to scrap. I did that for Saturday and it worked out pretty good.

Oh, the pages - Paci - and - You Climb - were TOTAL lifts of Anne Langpap and Shannon Tidwell. Thanks girls!

Anyway, here they are!