Saturday, December 29, 2007

Any goals for the new year? I want to try and have at least 1/2 as much quirky fun as this girl does. I love the cute photos she takes of herself and her random silliness. On one of her pictures she said - today we got up and decided to paint ourselves. Who does that!? Too cute. She had a treasure map "X" on her cheek and her sister had raindrops on her neck & shoulders. And I wonder if she practices those silly faces in the mirror because she always looks perfectly cute & silly no matter what face she's making.
Matthew Quirk #82
Who needs a napkin when you have hair! This must be Matthew's thought process since he wipes his hands off in his hair whenever they get sticky. Yesterday was hot mustard from McDonalds. At least it blended in pretty well with his blonde locks so you couldn't really tell. :-)