Monday, May 08, 2006

The prodigal Lovey has returned! Matthew's Lovey has been lost for a week as of Sunday. We of course had a twin stunt double - both of the loveys are courtesy of Mamaw - but he wouldn't have anything to do with the new one. I knew the thing had to be in our bedroom somewhere and I think I had even looked before in the place I found it - but this time I shook this old blanket and out it came. At first he threw it down thinking it was the new lovey. Then he looked and saw that old, nasty, brown, chewed-on squeaker paw and picked it back up. He had his paci in his mouth but I could tell that he grinned. He held onto that paw and I pulled him into my lap. He sat for a minute and looked and felt of it - it was so sweet. Then he pulled his paci out and plopped that paw in his mouth. YUCK! (And just so you know, yes it has been washed MANY times but after a very short time it smells gross again.)
Since Lovey has been missing Matthew has decided to go to sleep laying on my (or Matt's) shoulder instead of down in our arms. Well tonight after finding Lovey, he happily laid in my arms and felt of the squeaker paw and flopped Lovey here and there til he finially went to sleep. I don't know what to think of this amazing attachment and love he has for this thing. You have to wonder what's going on in that little mind. I wonder how long he will carry Lovey. I'm sure he'll be around for a great while to come anyway. Had to share - very very sweet.

((Love has a dog's head, a blankey body -formerly fluffy on one side and satiny on the other - and paw corners with a squeaker in one that no longer squeaks because it's been chewed. In this picture you can see Matthew holding Lovey at bedtime. This was taken right after his 1st birthday. It was taken to comemorate breaking him from the bottle.))