Friday, January 04, 2008

Ok, so I don't really do the whole new years resolution thing but this girl had a cool idea of creating a good habbit or changing a bad one once a month. I would like to attempt to make or purchase something for the house once a month. Something big or something little - just anything - but I'm all the time saying how I'm going to decorate one day. Well, I've been saying that for one day too long! Maybe a new black frame or a clip to display my latest favorite scrap page, or something red for my bathroom - it's painted teal and I'm going to have red knick-knacks in it but so far nothing - not even a red hand towel. Maybe something to organize my bathroom closet so I can get rid of some of the clutter. Oohh! New kitchen curtains. And have I mentioned I really hate to sew. I need to MAKE myself do it but I SO don't want to. Or curtians for the back door. This list could go on and on. But maybe if I break it down to one thing per month it won't be so bad. I think this month I'm going to get a magnet or bulletin board with a nice white frame to go with my nice new MM embellishment center that I got for Christmas. :-) There's a big empty space next to where my shelf is hanging.
Oh, and I think I've decided to collect "M"s. The letter "M" - like this girl collects "A"s. So if you see any cool "M"s let me know.
Other things I'm doing this year - I'm participating in this challenge and so far so good. I'm very motivated to get my name in for the big drawing - and to end up with a nice stack of new layouts to add to my books. Which, I need to go work on the one for today.

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PaperMinx said...

hey girl, just wanted to say thanks for leaving comments on our blog and being one of the first to check out our kit. also, since you were so kind to leave us a comment, we wanted to let you know that kits are now on sale and going quick! thanks again for visiting and we hope to see you back soon!

-the minxes :)