Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Today we went to Dollywood. Me, hubby and two kids. It was actually pretty good. Matthew was only a little fussy and it wasn't very crowded - which was VERY nice. We hardly had to wait in line for anything. Andrew rhode his first big roller coaster today! It was Splash Mountain - I think. Anyway, it was a log flume type thing - bumps you around a few curves, then up-up-up, turn the corner, and HUGE drop. Now, I am a roller coaster gal. Love em! Will go on anything. I don't think I have EVER been so nervous about a roller coaster like I was today. And this one was really nothing - just one drop. But I was nervous for Andrew. I was so afraid he was going to be too scared. But he wasn't - he loved it! And he even went again with his Daddy. Of course we HAD to buy the overpriced - but AWESOME picture they took of us while screaming so we could scrap his first coaster. We wanted the one of him and Matt too but man they run it into you on those things! Well, more later about our big day. I'm off to watch Lost!

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